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Swap left and right stereo channels in wireplumber ‚Äč

Alright sweet and simple,

  1. wpctl status
  2. Find your speakers and their id then run wpctl inspect id, replace id with the number
  3. Copy the node.nick value.
  4. Create the below file at ~/.config/wireplumber/main.lua.d/51-alsa-speakers.lua
rule = {
  matches = {
      -- Replace "Pebble V3" with the nick you copied.
      { "node.nick", "matches", "Pebble V3" },
    apply_properties = {
      ["audio.channels"]         = 2,
      ["audio.position"]         = "FR,FL",

table.insert(alsa_monitor.rules, rule)

Reboot your system and check that it worked by repeating steps 1-2 and look at audio.position.


Didn't work? Try or alsa.card_name instead of node.nick

More information avaliable here