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NvChad Setup ‚Äč

Since NvChad-v2.5 alot of information on how to setup NvChad on NixOS has become outdated, but thankfully one single person on reddit provided a solution which I will quote here.

  1. Clone the NvChad/starter repository in your NixOS configurations folder.
  2. In your home.nix. Make sure to change ./nvchad to the location of the cloned starter repository relative to the postion of your home.nix file.
home.file.".config/nvim" = {
  source = ./nvchad;
  recursive = true;
  force = true;
  1. Make any changes to the starter config and then rebuild your system.


Everytime you make changes to a specific nvim plugin config you MAY need to remove that plugin folder from ~/.local/share/nvim/lazy/<plugin-name> or there may be issues with the plugin.